About this site

This is the website of Vince Haig.


(That’s me over there, although I don’t normally look that scary. Honestly.)

All graphics represented here, are designed by me, but some (where credited) are based on artwork by others. Some images use stock photography and vectors sourced from Shutterstock.

Artists whose work has been used in projects for Undertow Publications include:

Alex Andreev, David Alvarez, Stephen Mackey, Matthew JaffeCarolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor, Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, Marcela BolivarBeatriz Martin VidalTran NguyenTomasz Alen Kopera, Catrin Welz-SteinSantiago Caruso, C7, Jeffrey Alan Love and Mikio Murakami. Please visit their respective portfolios.

My contact information can be found at the foot of the page.

Selected projects
Hello. This is the website of Vince Haig.

I do graphic design work for book covers, posters, publicity materials etc.
Please get in touch if there’s something you’d like to work on together.